Introduction to Data Science

Posted: 04/02/2020

MEI is developing a bank of resources to support teachers in introducing Data Science to their A level Mathematics students. The first pilot set of materials will be available for summer 2020 and be aimed at students who have studied the first year of A level Mathematics. These will feature some classroom activities and further investigations using the A level Large Data Sets as a starting point. The activities will introduce the use of Python for exploring data but no prior knowledge of programming in Python is expected from the teachers or students.

The aim of these materials is to give students a greater appreciation of the importance of data science to support them in making informed choices about future study/career options. They will also give students an opportunity to explore the A level Large Data Sets in more detail.

If you would like to express an interest in the pilot or find out more about it please contact Tom Button, MEI’s Mathematics Technology Specialist ([email protected]). We are happy to hear from teachers who are provisionally interested but do not want to commit at this stage.

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