AS level Statistics MEI Curriculum 2005 (legacy)

The last assessment for AS Statistics (MEI) will be in summer 2018.  The qualification is not being redeveloped.  You may be interested in our Core Maths Qualification

Why do AS level Statistics (MEI)?

AS level Statistics is designed to develop students' understanding of statistics and statistical processes in a way that makes them more confident, increases their enjoyment, and brings maths to life. The MEI AS Statistics specification is ideal for students going on to do further study or work in Business, Economics, Geography, Medicine, Psychology, Science and many other areas. The importance of statistics in their chosen fields of study or career often comes as a surprise to those who have not done any statistics since GCSE. Many students find it easier to come to terms with the principles of statistics whilst still at school or college than when they are at university and concentrating on their main degree subjects.

The content of AS level Statistics (MEI)

AS Statistics is designed to provide many more students with access to the statistics they actually need, concentrating on interpretation and modelling rather than mathematical theory. It can be started in year 12 as a 2-year course, or as a 1-year course in year 13 when students have identified their career path. GCSE Mathematics grade C and above is an assumed starting point for the course.

There are 3 units; Z1, Z2 and Z3:

  • Z1 builds on and extends the data handling and sampling techniques, and the ideas about probability learned at GCSE. Students will also begin to gain an insight into the ideas and techniques underling hypothesis testing. The ideas in this module form the foundation of more advanced statistical techniques.
  • In Z2, two probability distributions are introduced: the Poisson distribution and the Normal distribution. A greater range of hypothesis tests are introduced, using the Normal distribution, the t-distribution and the chi-squared distribution. The Central Limit Theorem is used to extend the use of the Normal distribution to working with the mean of a large sample from any distribution.
  • Z3 will extend students' ability to represent data to bivariate data (sets of data involving two variables). They will look at the idea of correlation for bivariate data. Hypothesis tests are extended further, to include testing for the difference between means of two populations.

Z1 has the same content as unit S1 in the MEI A level mathematics specification, so candidates who start on AS level Statistics can transfer to Mathematics, and vice versa, and use their grade in this unit. Z2 and Z3 are not the same as any Mathematics A level units.

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