Textbooks for Curriculum 2005 (legacy) maths AS and A levels

This page provides information relating to textbooks for Curriculum 2005 (legacy) AS/A levels. Information on textbooks for Curriculum 2017 AS/A levels is available here.

Unfortunately, the book for MEI A2 Pure Mathematics: Core 3 & 4, 3rd edition is no longer available from MEI or Hodder Education. Online sellers may still have copies. Alternatively, this is a link to the PDF of the book.

Bulk orders

Hodder Education textbooks for the OCR(MEI) AS and A level specifications may be purchased from MEI at discounted rates. Details of these textbooks and discounts are provided on the textbook order form.

Individual orders

You can access details of Hodder Education textbooks for all of the English Specifications using the links below.

AS/A Level for AQA
AS/A Level for Edexcel
AS/A Level MEI Structured Mathematics
AS/A Level for OCR

These links are to Amazon for purchasing individual copies. If you wish to order multiple copies you may qualify for a discount if you order through MEI - see 'Bulk orders' above.