Bridge It!

An MEI quiz game to support preparation for post-GCSE maths

Note that the current version of Bridge It! is in beta form. MEI is looking for feedback on this version to inform plans for future development, in particular to determine whether to produce and enhanced tablet-friendly version of the game.

Containing questions to test basic skills through to multi-step problems this game is suitable for anyone progressing to post-GCSE maths (or those preparing for higher tier GCSE Mathematics) for

  • reviewing topics from GCSE mathematics
  • strengthening skills from GCSE mathematics to get ready for the next level
  • developing deeper problem-solving skills demanded at post-GCSE level. These skills will be emphasised in assessment of A level Mathematics from 2017.

The game contains 230 questions covering 22 topic areas. It includes

  • sorting and matching
  • drag’n’drop geometry
  • a problem-solving finale

Bridge It! contains multi-step questions and some require a calculator so play with a pen, paper and a calculator to hand.

Note the degree of accuracy specified in some of the questions.

Bridge It! is built in Flash and so will not run on devices that do not allow Flash applications. It is best played at a laptop or desktop using a mouse or finger pad.

Play the Beta version Bridge It! and send us your feedback.

Help with the topics covered in Bridge It!.

Game Features

Gradual unlocking of topics so that prerequisites are covered first:

Drag'n'drop ordering and matching:

Drag'n'drop geometry and manipulation of graphs:

Questions requiring multi-step thinking:

Questions requiring extended calculations: