MEI and Casio are keen to provide teachers of mathematics with opportunities to increase their knowledge and experience of using technology in their teaching, including the use of graphical calculators.

MEI Conference

Casio was the main sponsor of the MEI Conference 2014 and delivered workshop sessions at the conference that showed how graphical calculators could be used to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics.

MEI/Casio Teacher Networks

Casio has also been working with MEI to establish a network of teachers across England and Wales who can contribute to the trialling of resources to use the potential of ICT in the teaching and learning of A level Mathematics and support teachers in wider networks in developing these skills.

The teachers in the network have trialled and fed back on a series of classroom tasks:

Summer School for teachers new to A level Mathematics

In 2013 and 2014 Casio sponsored a one week residential course to increase teachers' subject knowledge and deepen their understanding of the mathematics topics featured at A Level. This was offered by MEI, in partnership with the National STEM Centre.

Other support

Casio has also supported various regional FMSP and AMSP activities through the delivery of training events and loans and donations of calculators.