MEI/Casio Teacher Networks

MEI and Casio are working with a group of teachers across England to develop their use of technology in A level Mathematics, including the use of graphical calculators.

Resources: classroom tasks

Student tasks using Casio graphical calculators

The teachers in the network have trialled and fed back on a series of classroom tasks. The tasks have been improved based on their feedback.

Development of the network (April 2014 - March 2016):

In the initial phase of the network MEI worked with the teachers to support them in using technology in the classroom and then use these experiences to deliver training to a group of their peers in an existing mathematics teachers' network.

  • Summer 2014: Developing skills in using technology, including graphical calculators, in A level Mathematics. Learning how to use the calculators and focusing on how technology can be used effectively to give students access to mathematical concepts.
  • Autumn 2014 - Spring 2015: Trialling, feeding back and contributing to the development of resources.
  • Summer 2015: Developing skills in delivery of training/advice to wider teacher networks.
  • Autumn 2015 - Spring 2016: Contributing to wider teacher networks.

Further information

For more information please contact MEI's Learning Technology Specialist.