Conference 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions in place on public events, we decided to replace our usual 3-day annual conference with a smaller-scale online conference. The event was kindly sponsored by our Headline Sponsor, Casio; the University of Bath; Hodder Education; and OCR.

MEI Conference 2020 session presentations

Day 1

  1. Introduction to Data Science - Vanessa Pittard and Tom Button
  2. What not to do in an online classroom - learning from our mistakes - Jo Sibley
  3. What do we do with Year 13 (coming soon) - Keith Proffitt
  4. Using graphing technology for exploring the large data set - Gerard Dummett
  5. KS2-3 Transition - Alison Hopper

Day 2

  1. Rethinking the teaching of Trigonometry at KS3&4 - Debbie Barker and Alison Hopper
  2. Using graphing technology for exploring lines in 3D - Simon May
  3. Maths careers tapas - Toby Rome and Rachel Beddoes
  4. A new GCSE maths curriculum for post-16 resit students - Stella Dudzic
  5. Measuring space using Key Stage 4 maths - Nicole Cozens
  6. Some great starters with a Core Maths lesson - Katharine Davies, Martin Newton and Terry Dawson