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Alison is Primary Mathematics Specialist with MEI.


Alison has been involved in primary education in various roles for around 20 years. As a class teacher and senior teacher, she led maths, assessment and music in a number of schools. For many years, she was a Primary Strategy Mathematics Consultant in Surrey and also spent two years lecturing at The University of Brighton on their ITT courses in maths. The combination of these roles allowed her to explore how children learn and how teachers teach from many perspectives..


  • KS2/3 Transition
  • Primary Mathematics Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Assessment Without Levels


  • Primary class teaching, subject and Senior Leadership
  • Maths Consultancy
  • ITT Lecturing in primary mathematics
  • Delivering Subject Knowledge Enhancement training through Surrey Plus Maths Hub’s work on developing Teaching for Mastery

Alison is currently involved with the pilot of a Year 7 intervention project, using Year 10 students as peer mentors. The pairs work together on activities and games which strengthen understanding in key aspects of mathematics to ensure that children make good progress across Key Stage 3. She is also working with schools to develop classroom approaches involving aspects of Teaching for Mastery in mathematics as well as supporting teachers in moderating assessments. Upcoming projects include the creation of materials to support transition from Year 6 to Year 7 which links with work she is leading within the NCETM Maths Hubs on Year 5 – 8 Continuity..


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