Martin Newton


Martin is a Curriculum Developer for MEI.


Martin has a BEd Hons in Secondary Mathematics, and a post graduate certificate and Diploma in Advanced Teaching and Learning. He has taught in Further Education for over 20 years during which time he has been a Curriculum Leader for Mathematics, Curriculum Manager for Access to HE, GCSEs & Education, and a Profession Development Lead for Mathematics. Alongside working in FE he has worked as a Professional Development Lead across the FE sector. He joined MEI in January 2019.


  • Active learning approaches for GCSE Mathematics resit
  • Supporting teachers new to GCSE Mathematics resit
  • Functional Skills Mathematics
  • Developing maths in vocational courses


  • MEI Curriculum Developer
  • Taught in Further Education
  • Has been a Curriculum Leader for Mathematics
  • Has been a Curriculum Manager in charge of Access to HE, GCSEs and Education
  • Has been a Professional Development Lead in a College and across the FE sector