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Cath is a member of the National Team for the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme, which is managed by MEI. She has responsibility for Key Stage 4 student enrichment resources and professional development.


Cath gained her BSc in 1992 and worked for an examination board before gaining her PCGE in 1996. In studying her MA(Ed) her dissertation focussed on overcoming barriers to learning through different styles and methods of delivery. She has been head of a very successful Maths department, with the largest uptake at A level of any subject; a National Strategies consultant focusing on improving pupil progression in many areas in the South East; and worked as an AST with special responsibility for improving learning and teaching before joining the FMSP with responsibility for Student Enrichment resources (including the Year 10 team Mathematics competitions) and delivering CPD.
Cath joined MEI in April 2014.


  • Developing and monitoring teaching and learning of Mathematics at GCSE and A level, including Further Mathematics
  • Supporting teachers new to teaching GCSE and A level Mathematics
  • Developing leadership skills for Heads of Mathematics and other leadership roles
  • Lecturing and mentoring PGCE students and those entering the profession via other routes
  • Delivering CPD to teachers with a  range of experience and responsibilities


  • Teaching Mathematics in secondary schools and colleges across the 11-18 range
  • Subject leadership of Mathematics department
  • Developing and delivering Key Skills courses
  • Developing  and delivering training for subject leaders and aspiring subject leaders
  • Delivering Mathematical and pedagogical training for PGCE students and those entering the teaching profession via other routes
  • Developing and delivering pedagogical training to improve practice across many schools
  • Developing and delivering strategic targets within departments and across schools and colleges
  • Monitoring and analysing assessment data to improve progression
  • Devising and delivering Statistics: dealing with Big data courses
  • Developing and delivering Problem Solving courses for KS4 and KS5 teachers
  • Developing and delivering PD lead courses


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07475 510137