Kevin Lord

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Kevin Lord is the Programme Leader of the Further Mathematics Support Programme, which is managed by MEI. He coordinates the liaison with higher education institutions.


After gaining a BSc in Mathematics, Kevin completed his PGCE in Secondary Mathematics in 1988. He has taught mathematics in a number of secondary schools in England for over 20 years, including 5 years as head of department and 8 years as Director of Maths and Computing Specialism, before joining MEI in 2011.
In addition he spent 3 years working as the Development Officer for the Mechanics in Action Project and co-authored a number of A level mechanics textbooks.


  • Developing teaching and learning in Mechanics and Core Mathematics
  • Developing teaching and learning at GCSE level
  • Problem solving and modelling in GCSE and A level Mathematics
  • Secondary and level 3 professional development lead
  • Mathematics enrichment sessions for students aged 8 to 18
  • Assessment of mathematics


  • Taught in secondary schools in England (age 11-18)
  • Director of Maths and Computing Specialism in 11-18 comprehensive school
  • Community outreach work and developing adult education provision
  • Presenter and coordinator of mathematics masterclass programmes for primary and secondary children
  • Developing cross-phase links between school and university mathematics departments
  • Secondary and A level mathematics professional development lead


[email protected]
0745 5119 434