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Toby is a National Coordinator for the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme. His responsibilities include developing the provision of information, advice and guidance (IAG) relating to level 3 mathematics. He also works in teacher support and student enrichment.


Toby graduated from Bristol University with a BSc in Mathematics in 2000, staying on to complete his PGCE the following year. From 2001 to 2017 he taught mathematics in a large 11-18 comprehensive school near Bristol, specialising in sixth form education. During his final years at the school Toby was Head of Sixth Form and served on the School Leadership Team as an Assistant Headteacher. Toby joined MEI in September 2017.


  • Teaching Key Stages 3-4 and A level Mathematics
  • Teaching and learning in Higher Tier GCSE
  • Teaching and learning in Mechanics
  • Encouraging student participation and engagement
  • Supporting students with applications to higher education


  • Teaching mathematics to all abilities in the 11-18 age range
  • Sixth form and whole school leadership
  • Teaching critical thinking and supervising extended projects at Key Stage 5
  • Mentoring and training teachers


[email protected]
07449 030571