Coursework Support for Curriculum 2005 (legacy)

Coursework is an important part of the MEI Curriculum 2005 (legacy) A Level specification. It allows some areas of mathematics to be assessed that written examinations may not assess so well. It also allows candidates to show what they can do in a context other than a timed written paper. Working on coursework helps students to develop skills that are highly valued in higher education and by employers; it also helps students to develop a deeper understanding of the mathematics involved.

Coursework is mandatory in three units:

  • 4753 Core 3
  • 4758 Differential Equation
  • 4776 Numerical Methods

Packs for the three modules requiring coursework (C3, NM and DE) can be downloaded from the Teachers' Resources section of the Integral Mathematics Resources. If your centre does not subscribe to the online resources please contact Stella Dudzic to obtain a copy.

Please use the links below to navigate to pages containing more information about the following:

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