Engineering Resources

MEI has developed resources to support the teaching and learning of mathematics within engineering courses.

MEI/RAEng Engineering Resources

These resources, produced by MEI for the Royal Academy of Engineering, use realistic engineering contexts to offer opportunities to learn how mathematics may be used to solve engineering problems. The resources are suitable for supporting courses such as the BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Engineering.

Each resource includes two text documents, one of which is intended to be used only by teachers; the other is for students and contains a subset of the teacher material. These resources have been designed to take advantage of web based demonstrations and activities, and we have included material of this type as appropriate.

You can access these resources by using the free guest access on Integral.

Interactive Forces Resources

These interactive resources provide visual representations of vectors that can be manipulated on-screen, so that they can be added together and the resultant seen both graphically and numerically. They have been developed in collaboration with the Engineering Department at City of Bristol College.

The resources can be run online or downloaded to your computer so that you can run them at times when you do not have access to the internet. If you wish to save and load your own examples you will need to download the resources and run them from your computer.

Forces acting at a point - resolving vectors

Forces acting on a lamina - calculating moments

We are keen to hear your views on any aspect of these engineering resources. Please contact Janice Richards if you would like to contribute in this way.

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