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Data Science Taught Course


The Data Science Taught Course is designed for Year 13 A level Mathematics and Core Maths students and follows on from the successful self-study Introduction to Data Science self-study course.

The Taught Course features weekly online lessons, with supporting study material, over the autumn term. Students are assessed through both continuous assessment and a short examination. The teaching and marking of the assessment is offered by MEI tutors, though schools/colleges are expected to administer the examination. Places on this course are limited.


  • Deepen students' knowledge of the key concepts of data science
  • Improve students' skills in using technology to gain insights from data
  • Provide an opportunity to learn more about data science for students who are interested in future study/careers in this area

Who will benefit from attending?

The course is suitable for students in Year 13 who have studied at least Core Maths or the first year of A level Mathematics.

Students are expected to have completed the free online Introduction to Data Science short course before attending this course. The course focusses on the use of Python for exploring data.



Over a sequence of 11 lessons, students will cover the following aspects of data science:

  • Domain knowledge (the importance of understanding the context you are working in)
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Presentation of data and visualisations
  • Modelling with data and machine learning

Each lesson will focus on a particular aspect of data science, using , and include opportunities for students to explore some coding tasks using Python. Students will work on real data taken from different contexts, including topics such as the environment, health, commerce, and world development indicators.


Four homework tasks will be set throughout the course:

  • Week 1: Choosing a data set for the extended task.
  • Week 3: Exploratory data analysis on the data set.
  • Week 5: Use of presentation tools/visualisations.
  • Week 8: Building a model based on the data.


Assessment for this course comes in two parts:

  1. Continuous assessment
    Students will complete and submit four homework tasks. They will be offered a range of data sets in different contexts on which to base their work. Tutors will feed back on these tasks individually and students will submit these collectively for the continuous assessment part of the course.
  2. One-hour written assessment
    Students will sit a one-hour written examination in school or college in late January or early February 2022. The examination will be provided and marked by the MEI tutors. Schools and colleges are expected to administer this by ensuring that the students sit it under examination conditions.

Materials and Equipment

Students will require access to an internet-connected computer for the live lessons and the coding tasks. 

The course is delivered via Integral using a live online teaching platform. The coding tasks are accessed via Kaggle; alternative versions are available for schools/colleges that wish to host them locally.

The course materials can also be shared with any schools/colleges that wish to deliver the course themselves.

Other Information


Students who complete the course and the assessments will be awarded an MEI certificate.


Each class will be hosted by two tutors from MEI. The tutors for this course are Emma Bell, Tom Button and Ian Dickerson.

Applying for the course

Teachers can apply on behalf of their students. When completing the brief application form, you'll be asked to:

  • provide your school email address
  • advise whether you already subscribe to Integral
  • indicate the number of students who wish to study the course.

You will then be emailed a spreadsheet to collect:

  • names of students
  • email addresses of students
  • student preferences for classes


Registration is currently closed for this course. If you'd like to be notified when applications open for the Data Science Taught Course in the future, please register your interest.

Key Facts

  • Event ref#8811
  • AudienceStudents
  • Curriculum focusA level Mathematics, Core Maths
  • Event formatLive online PD
  • Event Length3 month(s)
  • Online Sessions11
  • FeeFree


If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Tom Button
[email protected]