FAM Past Examination Papers

Please use the links below to access files containing question papers, markschemes and reports (note that earlier files have their mark schemes integrated with the question papers):
Note that this is now a legacy qualification but students may find the papers helpful in practising the prior knowledge needed to succeed at A level.
January 07
June 07
January 08
June 08
January 09
June 09
January 10
June 10 Question Paper
June 10 Mark Scheme
January 11
June 11 Question Paper
June 11 Mark Scheme
January 12 Question Paper
January 12 OCR Report
June 12 Question Paper
June 12 OCR Report
January 13 Question Paper
June 13 Question Paper
June 13 Mark Scheme & Report
June 14 Question Paper
June 14 Mark Scheme
June 14 Report
June 15 Question Paper
June 15 Mark Scheme
June 15 Report
June 16 Papers
June 17 Papers
June 18 Papers

The final assessment opportunity for this qualification FSMQ - Foundations of Advanced Mathematics (MEI) – 6989 will be summer 2018.