General advice

To make effective use of technology in mathematics it is important to consider how it is used by both the students and the teachers.

Student use of technology

To fully realise the potential of technology for learning mathematics it is important for students to use mathematical technology themselves and not just observe the teacher operating it. Guidance on integrating appropriate student tasks into the teaching of A level is given at: Integrating technology.

Teacher use of technology

With the use of appropriate software it is possible to help students understand mathematics better through the use of dynamic graphs and calculations. Guidance on appropriate software is given at: Software.

Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs)

Using another program, e.g. the internet/Excel/Autograph, alongside the the whiteboard software means that technology can be integrated seamlessly into lessons when appropriate. In addition to this the act of dragging or moving graphs/diagrams can be powerful when explaining a mathematical concept, especially if multiple representations of the same object can be displayed on the screen (e.g. equation, table and graph). For more information, see the document Teaching Maths with an IWB.

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