London Schools Excellence Fund Courses

The London Schools Excellence Fund (LSEF) is one of the key mechanisms for the Greater London Authority to deliver its aim of promoting excellent teaching in all London schools. The LSEF was set up to stimulate new partnerships and help schools make substantial progress to raise standards in literacy, numeracy, STEM and modern and ancient foreign languages. Over £24 million will be invested by the London Schools Excellence Fund to drive progress towards a world class education for every child. Over three years it will support evidence based activity led by state schools in partnership with each other and/or partners, such as universities, independent schools, businesses and charities. The Department for Education has agreed to contribute £20 million towards the establishment of this Fund with a further £4.25 million from the GLA. All LSEF funded programmes will be evaluated to establish what impact they have had. You can read more in the Greater London Authority Press October 2013 release.

In his foreword to the London Schools Excellence Fund Prospectus (March 2013), Boris Johnson, Mayor of London explains the aims of the Fund:

“The London Schools Excellence Fund is a new and important initiative that will strengthen teacher training, tackle areas of underachievement and join together schools, universities, businesses and charities to learn from each other.”

Munira Mirza, Deputy Mayor, Education and Culture, is responsible for overseeing the Mayor's policies and programmes for education and young people in London. Munira says:

One of the key findings of our Education Inquiry last year was that subject knowledge is at the heart of good teaching and that there is a real need to give classroom teachers in London more opportunities to strengthen their chosen specialism.

“Our aim is to give teachers the professional support they need to strengthen their subject pedagogy and connect with other specialists across the city. We know from speaking to teachers that many can feel isolated even within their schools, and are often required to teach outside their specialist subject. They would value a chance to build up their knowledge, keep in touch with the latest developments in their field and access good quality curriculum materials.”

MEI is one of the organisations that is piloting the use of a knowledge-led curriculum approach in secondary schools in London. Our aims are to deepen and strengthen teacher knowledge and expertise in mathematics, and to bring together secondary school teachers from across schools and boroughs to share good practice and develop effective collaborative links. To deliver these aims we have developed the following professional development courses for delivery 2013-14. Please use the links below and left to read more about these courses, which are available free of charge to teachers in state funded schools in London.

Improving students’ understanding of algebra in KS4 mathematics
Deepening Understanding of the Concepts in GCSE Mathematics
Deepening Understanding of the Concepts in A level Mathematics
Deepening Understanding of the Concepts in A level Further Mathematics
Introducing problem-solving into the Key Stage 4 curriculum
Developing mathematical thinking in post 16 students
Supporting the transition from GCSE to A level
Supporting Trainers of Mathematics Teachers in Using GeoGebra

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