Quantitative Methods

This course was developed by MEI in association with OCR, and accredited by Ofqual for first teaching from September 2014. The last sitting for new candidates will be in June 2018.

Who is the course for?
The Introduction to Quantitative Methods unit is designed for students who have achieved a standard pass or better in GCSE Mathematics and who would benefit from continuing with some mathematics but who do not need or want to do A level Mathematics.  It will be particularly useful for students studying subjects such as geography, business, chemistry, biology, sociology, and health and social care.
AS Quantitative Methods will count towards the Technical Baccalaureate performance measure reported in 2016.
The Introduction to Quantitative Methods is also included, in a slightly amended Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning (IQR) component, in two qualifications:

What does the course include?
The Introduction to Quantitative Methods unit includes topics such as statistics, finance, working with exponentials, graphs and risk. The emphasis is on modelling real and realistic situations and solving problems in a variety of contexts. Statistical problem-solving is assessed by a coursework task which requires the use of a spreadsheet; this forms 20% of the assessment.

What qualification will be awarded?
Students who are successful in the examination for the unit will be able to gain a Level 3 Certificate in Quantitative Methods.  The unit can also be combined with the S1 and D1 units from the MEI A level to make an AS in Quantitative Methods.

What resources are available?
MEI has developed online Introduction to Quantitative Methods Resources. Thanks to sponsorship from OCR, use of these is free to centres.

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Quantitative Methods
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