Departmental Reviews

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your department to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics.

One model that has proved particularly effective is a two-day visit, working closely with the head of department,  in which all teachers are observed and given detailed feedback and priorities are set in light of the current position of the department and the challenges it faces. Reviews are constructive, rather than judgmental.

Review Features

  • Detailed feedback on lesson observations: main issues arising and suggestions for how deeper mathematical thinking can be encouraged
  • Discussions with Key Stage Coordinators, setting short and medium term targets
  • Suggested areas for development for the department
  • Initiating the production of working documents such as a scheme of work with a focus on rich mathematical thinking or the opportunities for effective use of ICT.
  • Detailed written report of all aspects of the review for the head of department and senior management


"[The head of department] and I have found your evaluation of the department and the strategies employed extremely useful. It has certainly helped us and our future thinking. We are keen for you to return in a year’s time in order re-assess the department’s progress against current benchmarks you have observed during your recent visit."

- Deputy Head, School A

"Many thanks for the very full and perceptive report. While the phrase “next phase of the department’s development” has been circulating for a while among us, it has not found a very precise definition or philosophy yet. I think your detailed reports on individual lessons direct our attention where it is needed, which is to the way we help students build understanding and to the individual student’s experience in the classroom."

- Head of Department, School A

"Thank you very much for this incredibly helpful report. I know that [the head of department] found your visit really useful and that it has given him lots of ideas on how to move the department forward."

- Deputy Headteacher, School B

"Good feedback from colleagues - already thinking of your doing some Inset maybe later in the year or next!"

- Head of Department, School B

"Very thorough lesson feedback with suggestions for improvements. The inspection was conducted in a very professional and thorough manner… The recommendations now give a focus for the year ahead….We would very much like to use [MEI] in the future to provide CPD."

- Head of Department, School C

"Many thanks for your excellent report which contains lots of food for thought that members of the maths department here have already been chewing over. Your lesson points and constructive suggestions are very useful."

- Head of Department, School D

Further Information

The cost of a two-day visit and report is £2000. We would be happy to discuss other models with you.

For more information please contact Sharon Tripconey.

Contact the CPD administration team: Telephone: 01225 716494
[email protected]

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