Teaching A level Maths

Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM)

The Teaching A Level Mathematics (TAM) course has been designed to support teachers of GCSE Mathematics who wish to teach A level Mathematics for the first time. Many teachers with A level teaching experience have enrolled on the course, often on the recommendation of colleagues who have completed TAM, to deepen their subject knowledge and gain new ideas for teaching.

The course has a number of different elements, as can be seen in the summary table below. One of the main features is the series of course days spread across the academic year. Course days have a combination of:

  • subject knowledge sessions, where the focus is on deepening participants' understanding of maths
  • example maths lessons, where the focus is on pedagogy
  • facilitated reflections and analysis of the maths-focused sessions
  • sessions focused on exploring aspects of pedagogy
  • discussion of education research and course readings

TAM course options

In 2019-20 we are offering two different versions of the TAM course. The table below summarises the key similarities and differences between the two versions. By reading through it you should be able to identify which of the courses will be most appropriate for you. If you click on the link at the top or bottom of the table you will be taken to another webpage which will give you further details about that particular course option.


DfE Funded course



MEI-certificated TAM

When can I apply?

2019-20 course has commenced.
Applications for 2020-21 will open in Spring 2020

2019-20 course has commenced.
Applications for 2020-21 will open in September 2020

Do I need to be teaching A level maths?



Do I need to be teaching in a state-funded school in England?



Entry requirements



Number of study days






DfE subsidy paid to your school/college towards the end of the course



Number of lesson observations




TAM certificate

MEI certificate

Access to Integral online resources for 2 years

Support from experienced course tutors

Textbooks covering A level Mathematics

Course details


MEI-certificated TAM

NCETM CPD Standard

* There is an additional bursary of £500 for teachers working in schools in Priority Areas.

To register your interest for the 2020-21 course please complete this online register of interest form