Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (TI) was the sponsor of the MEI Conference 2013 and delivered seminars and workshop sessions at the conference. TI also sponsored the 2012 conference.

MEI and TI share a vision about the importance of student use of technology when learning mathematics and this is demonstrated by TI's support of MEI's development of a new A level Mathematics Unit: Further Pure Mathematics with Technology. The new unit is designed to be taught and assessed through the use of technology, including the use of spreadsheets, programming and CAS. TI is contributing to the development of this unit and supporting the schools and colleges involved in the first year of teaching with access to TI-Nspire software.

TI has provided MEI staff with software to enable them to write teaching and learning resources. Free professional development is also provided by TI's T3 programme (Teachers Teaching with Technology™).

TI sponsored an MEI seminar in 2008, exploring how Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) might be used to enhance the school mathematics curriculum (see the report). It was acknowledged that the introduction of CAS into schools would require significant professional development and dedicated resources for teachers, in order to build both subject knowledge and confidence.