Please see below for documents containing tests of formulae not given in examinations

You might also find our book Companion to Advanced Mathematics and Statistics useful. This contains all the formulae and essential reference information required during AS and A level courses in mathematics and statistics, as well as many Higher Education and vocational courses, in a single volume. A PDF version of this book is also available on Integral.

You may find the documents below useful:

MEI Formula booklet MF2
Formulae students need to know - please note that Companion to Advanced Mathematics and Statistics (see above) has replaced the Student Handbook referred to in this document

Formulae students will need to know for the 2017 AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics specifications
We have also provided exercises for practising recall for the AS Mathematics, A level Mathematics, and AS/A level Further Mathematics formulae that students are expected to know for the 2017 specifications. You need to enable macros for these resources to work. Double click on the “show” box to show the formula. Similarly for “hide”.