Core Maths

Core Maths qualifications

Core Maths qualifications are designed for students who have achieved a standard pass in GCSE Mathematics, but who do not intend to take AS/A level Mathematics. They enable learners to strengthen and develop the mathematical knowledge and skills they have learnt at GCSE so that they can apply them to the problems that they will encounter in their other level 3 courses, further study, life and employment. MEI recommends that students with GCSE Mathematics grade 4 or better consider taking Core Maths.

Core Maths entries and results

MEI has produced this summary of the most recent entry numbers and results for Core Maths qualifications.

Free resources suitable for all Core Maths courses

The DfE has funded MEI to develop a curriculum and resources suitable for post-16 students who have achieved grade C or better in GCSE Mathematics but who need a different set of skills to that provided by A level Mathematics. The freely available resources developed in this Critical Maths project and are suitable for all Core Maths courses.

Free resources tailored to the OCR(MEI) Core Maths courses

OCR has sponsored free online resources which cover all the content of both the OCR(MEI) Core Maths qualifications: Core Maths A and Core Maths B. Access to the resources is by a free subscription.

Core Maths CPD

Teaching Core Maths example lessons

Taster questions for Core Maths

The questions on these postcards can be used as starter questions in Core Maths lessons or to provide students in year 11 with a taster of Core Maths.

Using video clips to stimulate mathematical thinking
Blog for the OCR website by Terry Dawson, Curriculum Developer for MEI