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A level Further Mathematics

AS and A level Further Mathematics qualifications broaden and deepen the maths covered in A level Mathematics, and they can be taken alongside or following on from an AS/A level Mathematics.

The subject content of the specifications for AS and A level Further Mathematics followed by state schools in England has been defined by the government. Half of it is mandatory and is the same for all specifications in England. The remaining content varies between specifications, with a wide range of options available, including statistics, decision/discrete maths, mechanics, and additional pure maths. The assessment structure also varies between specifications.

Full details are provided in the awarding bodies’ specifications:

This summary offers a handy comparison.

Most schools and colleges in Wales follow the WJEC specification and most of those in Northern Ireland follow the CCEA specification.

Independent and international schools and colleges may use other AS and A level Further Mathematics specifications, such as Cambridge InternationalEdexcel International and Oxford AQA.

The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) provides extensive information about AS/A level Further Mathematics and the support available in England for offering it.

The equivalent programme in Wales is the Further Mathematics Support Programme Wales (FMSPW).