Books and equipment

Books - Bulk orders (MEI only):

MEI AS/A Level books to support the pre-2017 specifications, may be purchased in bulk, and at a discount, by schools and colleges through MEI. Details of discounts available are on the book order form.

Details of books and discounts, relating to the 2017 specifications, are on the 2017 book order form.

Books - Individual orders (All specifications):

Please see the active links to the Amazon Website for the pre-2017 specification books on the relevant pages from the list below. This includes books from all four English specifications.

AS/A Level for AQA
AS/A Level for Edexcel
AS/A Level MEI Structured Mathematics
AS/A Level for OCR
Free Standing Mathematics (including Additional Maths and AQA L2 cert for Further Maths)
GCSE Hodder Mathematics Textbooks
Key Stage 3 Mathematics

Books - Recreational:

MEI's mathematics staff review and recommend recreational maths books.