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Mission and vision

Throughout our lives, maths is everywhere, so understanding maths matters.

We are a charity committed to improving lives through advances in maths education. This can improve everyone’s life – through the maths we use ourselves, and through the many ways maths is used that benefit our society.

What we want to achieve

Our top priority right now is to support schools, colleges, and teachers to help their students recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on students’ progress in maths.

Our continuing aims are to:

  • raise the quality of maths education
  • improve social equity through access to high-quality maths education
  • promote the relevance of maths education to everyone – in the workplace, in everyday life, and for active citizenship

We want all young people to feel secure and confident in using and understanding maths as they start their adult life.

This will mean

  • Young people will have the analytical skills they need to make better-informed decisions.
  • More people can explore and access rewarding careers, including those that require high levels of proficiency in maths.

As a nation, we can become better equipped and future-ready in an increasingly scientific, technical, and data-driven world.

We’re working to achieve our aims through:

Curriculum development

Ensuring that the maths that’s studied and examined is useful for further study, work, and life.

Professional development course leader showing something on a board

Improving the quality of maths teaching and learning

Providing excellent professional development and resources for teachers, and working with them to raise students’ confidence and inspire interest and enjoyment in learning and using maths.


Influencing the maths education environment and supporting and encouraging students to progress in maths education.

How our work serves to improve people’s lives:

Our vision

Lives are improved through maths education


Better-informed citizens and decision-makers
Improved life chances and social mobility, and access to rewarding careers
The skills society needs for a digital, data-driven future


More equitable access to high-quality maths education
More people of all ages succeed and progress in maths
Positive societal attitudes and confidence in maths

What we do

Curriculum development
Improving maths teaching and learning

We can’t do this crucial work alone. We regularly work with Partners who support us in it. Together we can take great strides towards achieving the best results.

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