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A level Further Mathematics

A level Further Mathematics is a second A level in maths that broadens and deepens the maths covered in A level Mathematics.

It’s studied alongside, or following, A level Mathematics and it’s often taken by students who wish to apply for a degree in Mathematics or another subject that involves degree-level maths. As such, it’s also an excellent preparatory subject for careers that involve using higher level maths.

AS and A level Further Mathematics are two separate qualifications. An AS qualification is half the size of an A level qualification. AS Further Mathematics is graded A-E, and A level Further Mathematics is graded A*-E.

Is AS or A level Further Mathematics useful preparation for a career in your business?

If so, please mention it in your job advertisements, even if it’s as a qualification that’s desirable, rather than essential. If young people see that you value this level of mathematical knowledge and skills, they will be encouraged to choose to study these qualifications.

Understanding what A level Further Mathematics covers

Half the content in an A level Further Mathematics course is selected from optional units. If you’re interested to know what a particular candidate has studied, it’s best to check the specifications.

A summary of the specifications currently taken by most students in England is available on the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme website. However, there was a significant change in 2017 and those who studied AS/A level Further Mathematics before then may have covered different content.

It’s also important to note that independent and international schools and colleges may use other AS and A level Further Mathematics specifications, such as those offered by Cambridge InternationalEdexcel International and OxfordAQA.

A more in-depth look at the A level Further Mathematics qualifications is provided within the section of our website for teachers.

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