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Professional Development

A level Further Mathematics

Are you looking to develop your skills and techniques?

We offer an extensive range of professional development opportunities for experienced and new teachers of A level Further Mathematics.

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Many of these are offered through the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP). Most are free and, in some cases, subsidies are available to eligible teachers enable them to take part.

The support that this course has given me has been invaluable; giving me confidence to change my style and approach to teaching the A level course based on research.

Extra development opportunities for the OCR B (MEI) AS/A levels

If you teach OCR B (MEI) AS/A level Further Mathematics, you can access specialised high-quality professional development opportunities through the MEI Staffroom. The MEI staffroom also enables you to access to additional resources, advice and networking with other teachers.

Details of all the professional development courses and events we offer are listed on our events pages.

Attend the MEI Annual Conference

Our annual conference runs soon after the summer exams session, and you’re invited. It’s an amazing opportunity for maths teachers and enthusiasts at all stages of their careers to share, explore, discuss and evaluate ideas for the classroom. There’s a huge choice of sessions for you to join, led by experienced teachers and subject experts from across the maths community. It all adds up to a brilliant experience that’s exceptional value for money.

“The MEI conference has revolutionised my teaching.”

“Fantastic conference – a really enjoyable experience. Rejuvenated my enthusiasm for teaching.”

“I absolutely loved the conference and I’m super keen to go again next year. Many, many thanks to everyone at MEI for all the hard work and effort that went into a brilliant, useful, well-managed, inspiring, informative, principled, practical, illuminating, useful and fun conference.”

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We can arrange bespoke professional development for your school or multi-academy trust on a wide range of topics. Just get in touch to discuss your needs.