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Maths in other Subjects

We’re passionate about the power of maths. It’s our aim to improve the quality of all aspects of maths teaching, including maths incorporated into other academic subjects and vocational areas – from Accountancy to Sociology

It’s well-known that studying maths can help students to develop the skills they’ll need to help them with many other subjects they’re studying.

It’s not just about the maths knowledge and skills they need for those other subjects – it’s also the fact that studying maths help to develop approaches that can help more broadly, including:

  • Creative thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills
  • Asking key questions
  • Breaking down a problem and identifying its essential details
  • Trying different approaches to solving a problem
  • Explaining their reasoning
  • Interpreting what their findings mean
  • Using their findings to make informed decisions
  • Explaining things clearly to others
  • Representing information in ways that are easy for others to understand
  • Making robust arguments
  • Being thorough and accurate
  • Checking their work

These skills become increasingly important as students’ progress through their education, and, of course, later on in the world of work.

Seeing maths being commonly used in other subjects also helps students appreciate its  relevance and value, as well as improving their competence at applying maths in context.

To find out ways we can support you in teaching maths in other subjects, please get in touch.

Maths in other A level subjects

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The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) provides information about Core Maths and explains how studying it can support students in other subjects too.

The programme also offers professional development in Core Maths, which can be very useful for teachers of A level subjects that incorporate some mathematical content, such as Biology, Geography and Psychology.

Most AMSP events and courses are free and, in some cases, subsidies are available to eligible teachers to enable them to take part.