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Young Persons Consultative Panel (YPCP)

Our Young Persons Consultative Panel (YPCP) allows us the opportunity to gain feedback from young people aged 16-26, on the needs and perspectives of students in relation to their mathematics education. 

The role of the YPCP is to provide insights, suggestions and guidance to MEI on specific issues relating to the student experience of mathematics education and provide MEI with ideas for how the issues could be addressed.

The panel helps to ensure that young people’s voices and experiences are at the heart of MEI’s work.

Applications are now open for joining the YPCP.


Hi I’m Anna and I’ve just completed my degree in maths and computer science! I originally chose my degree because I wanted to become a cryptographer – I grew up near Bletchley Park and was deeply impressed by the impact the codebreakers had on shortening the length of the war; I was really fascinated by how maths can be used to ‘prove’ the secrecy of our communications and how computers could be used to decrypt messages. Now however, I am working as a data scientist so I get to apply statistical and machine learning techniques to explore and analyse the patterns hidden in big data. I wanted to get involved with MEI because I believe a logical mindset is an incredibly valuable skill for all members of society and something we can all continue to develop. Tutoring has taught me how diverse mathematical thinking is – most of my tutees have entirely different ways of solving the same problem – so I’m hoping more people gain confidence and interest in maths because I’ve gained something from each person’s insight!


Hi, my name is Anthony and I am currently a second-year Natural Science student at the University of Cambridge, focusing on Chemistry and Mathematical Methods. My research interest, however, lies in synthetic and system biology, which rely heavily on a strong engineering and mathematical repertoires to dissect and understand biology as an integrated system. Having lived and studied in Vietnam for most of my life, I used to dislike mathematics for the way it was taught back home. When I moved to the UK for my sixth-form, I began to appreciate the beauty of mathematical methods thanks to the support of my teachers, and decided to pursue it at higher education until now! I joined MEI because I want to resonate this experience to students who are still hesitant about learning mathematics, and use my experiences to help ideate new solutions for inclusivity in maths education.


My name’s Beth, I’m 17 and I’m currently in Year 13 preparing for my A-levels. I’m studying Maths, Further Maths and Drama, and hoping to go on to read mathematics at university. I have been very lucky to have always been encouraged to pursue my passion for maths ever since primary school, and am excited to work with the YPCP to reach out to students of all abilities and get them involved in and enjoying maths. I currently tutor students from age 7 to 16 in maths and am hoping to be a maths teacher in the future. My teaching experience made me eager to work with MEI on this panel, after working with my students and really getting to know why they struggle to engage in maths. At school, I am the Head student responsible for Academics and a SEND prefect. My experience with receiving support for my partial sight, has also made me want to work hard to make the maths curriculum as accessible as possible.


I am studying International Business with French at the University of Birmingham, currently on a year abroad at Montpellier Business School, France.
I wanted to join the YPCP because I believe that changing perceptions and debunking myths about maths at a young age is crucial to increase the uptake of maths post GCSE. I am looking forward to shaping some of the resources and projects at MEI.


Hi my name is Glam, I recently joined the YPCP as I heard it was a new and was a great opportunity to develop ideas for all of maths education. I’ve always enjoyed maths right from a young age and have met many amazing people throughout the subject over the years. For me maths has been the only subject that stuck by me and yet I’m still studying more of it currently at university (Trust me it gets so much more interesting the more you get into it). I believe maths is a strong foundation for all of education and provides all with an easy access to a wide range of skills equipped for career development. Many people don’t realise it, but they already have these amazing skills! The YPCP is a great benefit for all to understand and innovate new ideas to help support every maths aspect throughout education and beyond.


Hello, my name’s Leah, I’m 20 years old and I’m from the North West of England. I’m currently in my 3rd year studying mathematics at Durham University and I’m specialising in statistics. My hobbies are cooking, reading, and gardening. I’m also passionate about equality in maths, which is what led me to both participating in this panel and to being a decolonising intern for my university’s maths department. Through working on the YPCP, I hope to destigmatise maths to empower people from all backgrounds to pursue mathematics to a higher level. If you have any questions then feel free to contact me.


Hi! I’m Lottie. I’m in my first year at UCL studying Economics, which I’m really enjoying! I worked as an assistant in a primary school last year, helping to teach core subjects including Maths, and I now work in a STEM camp during the school holidays. I’m really interested in how we can improve Maths education so that everybody can feel as if Maths is something for them – something that is accessible and that they can enjoy. Having loved studying Maths all throughout my time at school and now studying a quantitative degree, I’m looking forward to using my experience to work with the YPCP to achieve change in Maths education. I’m eager to learn more about how we can utilise technology to make Maths even more interactive, and use more problem-solving and real-world examples in lessons so that every student is able to feel engaged and excited by Maths.


I am a PhD student in Psychology at the University of Cambridge, in the Centre for Neuroscience in Education. My research focusses on the relationship between exceptional mathematics (e.g. maths creativity, giftedness and expertise) and a combination of cognitive, personality and affective factors. I also have an MPhil in Psychology and Education (University of Cambridge) and a Masters of Mathematics degree (University of Warwick).

Prior to my PhD I gained experience in various interdisciplinary research projects, such as working as a research assistant in organisational psychology with Cambridge Judge Business School, alongside various roles relating to mathematics and education. This included mentoring for the Advanced Maths Support Programme, outreach, content creation for a maths EdX course, supervising undergraduates and working as a Mathematician in Residence at a maths school.
You can read more about my pathway and career in the following MEI SUMS article.

If you would like to express an interest in joining our YPCP then please email [email protected]