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Transition to further study

Key Stage 4

We think it’s really important that as many young people as possible from diverse backgrounds choose to continue to study maths beyond GCSE.

Not least, because better maths means better access to a wider range of career opportunities, and in most cases higher earnings throughout their career.

But this can only happen if students enjoy maths and realise its value in everyday life. It’s also crucial that students, and their parents or carers, are familiar with the range of advanced maths course options available.

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That’s where the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) can help. It provides lots of information for students, and their parents and carers, to read themselves, but as their teacher, you’re the best person to provide this inspiration and information – and they will benefit enormously from your guidance and experience.

Get some ideas and resources to help you, check out the AMSP website.