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Increasing your talent pipeline

We can help you to get the maths skills you need

Do you struggle to recruit employees who have the mathematical skills and confidence you need for your business or organisation?

Are your job advertisements clear about the maths skills you want?

A simple change to your requirements in a job posting can make all the difference in helping young people see that studying maths can significantly improve their employment prospects.

Working with schools

If you would you like to develop links with schools, colleges and training providers in your area, to boost your recruitment pipeline while also helping to improve maths education in your community, we can:

  • Help you to work with schools and colleges by acting as a link, and make the first contact on your behalf
  • Help to inspire young people to study more maths, working with you to enrich students’ learning with examples of how maths is used in the real-world
  • Help you to become better informed about issues in maths education
  • Provide specific ideas on how we can help you reach students and equip your potential workforce of the future

Work placements

Providing work placements is another excellent way to support local young people in their maths learning, and to start the process of encouraging them to want to work for you.

If you offer work experience placements, check out our free employer guide, which offers practical suggestions to help you to strengthen young people’s mathematical skills during their placement with you.

Please get in touch to discuss any the above, or other ways we might be able to help you.