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Using Technology

Core Maths

Integrating technology into your Scheme of Work

Embedding the use of technology in your teaching practice can really boost your students’ learning.

It can also help to engage them, and help them develop valuable transferrable skills. For example, using tools that provide dynamic imagery – such as Autograph, Desmos, and GeoGebra – can help your students access mathematical ideas that might be difficult to understand.

Spreadsheets are particularly useful tool for topics that involve analysing data or modelling, which feature widely in Core Maths. Using spreadsheets will also help your students develop useful skills for further study, and in their future workplace, as well as assisting in their learning.

Explore MEI’s data science courses

Our data science courses aim to give young people a hands-on introduction to the field, which will develop their understanding and skills and raise their awareness of the broad and burgeoning career opportunities it offers.

A graphic visualisation of data

Introduction to Data Science

This free self-study course introduces Core Maths and A level Mathematics students to data science. It aims to give students an appreciation of the value of data science, and to support them in making informed choices about their future study and career options.

The course is designed to be studied independently during the summer term of Year 12, or over the summer break between Years 12 and 13. It consists of an introduction and six lessons of short videos and programming tasks, in Python. Guidance for teachers is available.

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Data Science Taught Course

The Data Science Taught Course is designed for Year 13 A level Mathematics and Core Maths students and follows on from Introduction to Data Science self-study course.

The Taught Course features weekly online lessons, with supporting study material, over the autumn term. Students are assessed through both continuous assessment and a short examination. The teaching and marking of the assessment is offered by MEI tutors, though schools/colleges are expected to administer the examination. Places on this course are limited.

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MEI is a GeoGebra Institute. We support teachers and students by providing:

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Further support

The choice of which technologies to use is clearly for you and your school or college to decide. However, we can help you to use them effectively by providing professional development and resources.

Is there room for improvement in the way your department uses technology to support Core Maths students? A one-day course from our technology specialists will make a difference.

If you’d like any advice on using technology in your teaching, please get in touch