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A level Further Mathematics

How A level Mathematics helps students to be better prepared for university 

Around a third of Mathematics BSc degree courses mention Further Mathematics in their entry requirements, either as a requirement or as desirable.

Taking A level Further Mathematics is an excellent way to prepare students for a degree in Mathematics and other subjects that contain degree-level maths content. This is because it introduces students to a wide range of pure and applied content, such as matrices and complex numbers.

AS and A level Further Mathematics are two separate qualifications that students can take alongside, or following on from, A level Mathematics. They broaden and deepen the maths covered in A level Mathematics. AS Further Mathematics is graded A-E, and A level Further Mathematics is graded A*-E. Both have UCAS tariff points.

A more in-depth look at the A level Further Mathematics qualifications is provided within the section of our website for teachers.

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Further information

This briefing document from the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme provides an overview of all level 3 maths qualifications for university admissions and academic staff. 

How you can encourage more students to study A level Mathematics

If AS or A level Further Mathematics would be useful preparation for your degree courses, we’d suggest that you include them in your admissions criteria. If they’re desirable but not essential, we’d suggest you encourage students to study the subject by saying you look more favourably on applications from students who have taken it or, ideally, provide a differentiated offer that includes it.