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Enter maths competitions

You might want to take part in Maths Week England, which we support, and which runs in November, and the International Day of Mathematics, held each year on 14 March. We run competitions to coincide with these events – look out for details of future competitions on this page.

Maths Week England

A week-long celebration of maths that aims to raise the profile of maths in England and increase participation and enjoyment. Resources and activities created to support teachers and inspire students.

Visit the Maths Week England website
International Day of Mathematics logo

International Day of Mathematics

A worldwide celebration of the essential role that maths and maths education play in breakthroughs in science and technology, improving the quality of life, and empowering women and girls.

Visit the International Day of Mathematics website

Discover more maths challenges

Like solving problems? Then this is for you! Take a look at these mathematical articles, challenges and puzzles:

  • Brilliant is a US website that provides a brilliant selection of challenging mathematical problems.
  • Mathigon is a collection of free recreational maths articles, activities and puzzles that aim to make maths more accessible and entertaining.
  • offers a collection of maths puzzles with a range of difficulty levels to choose from.
  • Mr Barton Maths includes a selection of maths and logic puzzles, and maths jokes too!
  • NRICH provides a collection of activities and games.
  • Numberphile is a collection of fascinating videos about numbers.