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Using Technology


Introducing primary pupils to using technology can really help them get engaged and assist their learning.

Getting them familiar with using a calculator is a particularly useful skill for pupils to develop before they move on to secondary school. With this in mind, we’ve developed materials that help them practise using a calculator, and that also reinforce key aspects of the Year 6 maths curriculum.

Year 6 Get Calculating lesson plans

Our Year 6 Get Calculating lesson plans lets pupils test their ideas and generalisations with a wider range of values than mental and written calculations can.

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Calculator Crunch resources

Our Calculator Crunch resources are designed to provide extra practice in key areas of the maths curriculum and help to develop pupils’ confidence in using calculators.

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Sumaze! Primary

For Key Stage 1 pupils, Sumaze! Primary, our free puzzle game app, helps them develop problem-solving skills and mathematical thinking from a young age.

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Desmos Art

Desmos can be used to create really beautiful artwork. These resources include written and video instructions to get students started with their creations.

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