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We apply innovative approaches to develop practical solutions that are underpinned by research. All of our work is informed by the extensive teaching experience of our maths education specialists and decades of working to advance maths education.

We extend our reach and impact by working in partnership with others who share our vision and values, and by using our expertise to inform policy makers and other stakeholders.

We have high standards for both the quality of our work and our governance.

Our approach to maths education

We promote mathematical thinking by emphasising understanding and highlighting the connections within maths. We encourage and support teaching for deep mathematical learning and demonstrating the relevance of maths to students through its applications in a variety of contexts.

We support teachers’ professional development by working to achieve an effective balance between subject knowledge and pedagogy, with a strong emphasis on supporting teachers to embed new ideas in their teaching and evaluate their impact.

Alignment with the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework

There is a close alignment between MEI’s values and approach and the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework 2019 (EIF). Engendering high-quality mathematics curricula that develop sound understanding is central to MEI’s work. Our professional development enriches teachers’ subject knowledge and pedagogy, and we support teaching and learning with resources carefully designed to embed understanding and increase fluency. MEI’s work actively supports schools and colleges to address the ‘Quality of Education’ and ‘Leadership and Management’ sections of the EIF with respect to maths education.

Use of Technology

We believe technology should be embedded within the teaching, learning and assessment of maths where it aids insight and understanding or enables problems to be addressed that would be impractical or inefficient to tackle without it. It can also help to engage students with maths.

We would like all students to have access to relevant technology throughout their study of maths. We endeavour to support teachers in making the most effective use of these tools in the classroom by providing access to free or low-cost professional development and resources.