STEP, AEA and MAT Courses

MEI and the Further Mathematics Support Programme run various courses to support students' mathematics.

The Sixth Term Entry Papers (STEP) and Advanced Extension Award (AEA) are mathematics examination that assess students' deeper problem-solving skills. They will be of interest to any student who enjoys problem-solving and/or who is considering progressing to a maths-rich degree course or career. Some universities encourage or require students to sit STEP or AEA examinations as part of their admissions process. MEI offers live online courses to support students' preparation for both of these examinations.

As part of its Live Interactive Lectures Programme, the FMSP also offers a live online course for students applying for Oxford degree courses in Mathematics, Mathematics & Statistics or Mathematics & Philosophy or to Imperial College London for any of its undergraduate Mathematics courses who are required to take the Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT).

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FMSP Support with STEP, AEA and MAT