Student Tasks: GeoGebra

These investigative tasks have been produced so they are easy to follow with the software on a variety of different devices and don't need any prepared GeoGebra files. They are designed to encourage investigation and discussion.

New - these tasks have been updated so that many of them are compatible with the GeoGebra Graphing Calculator app for iOS/Android.

AS/A level Mathematics: Pure Mathematics (AS)

Topic Classroom tasks
Surds and indices (AS)
Quadratic functions (AS) Plot y=ax2+bx+c in and vary a, b and c.
Graphs of quadratic functions
Equations and inequalities (AS) Intersection of a line and a curve
Quadratic inequalities
Coordinate geometry (AS) Perpendicular lines
Trigonometry (AS) Solution of trig equations
Polynomials (AS) The Factor Theorem
Graphs and transformations (AS) Functions - Transformations
The binomial expansion (AS)
Differentiation (AS) Exploring the gradient on a curve
Introduction to Stationary Points
Integration (AS) Area under a curve
Vectors (AS) Introduction to vectors
Exponentials and logarithms (AS) Graph of y=kax
Derivate of exponential functions y=ekx

AS/A level Mathematics: Pure Mathematics (Full A level only)

Topic Classroom tasks
Trigonometry Trig equations in radians
Sequences and series Sum of an AP
Sum of a GP
Functions The Modulus Function
Inverse functions
Differentiation Points of inflection
Trigonometric functions
Algebra Partial Fractions
Trigonometry identities Double Angle formulae
Further Differentiation Differentiating trigonometric functions
Integration Gradient of tangent to y=lnx
Parametric equations Tangents to parametric curves
Differential equations
Numerical methods Change of sign
Fixed point iterations

GCSE Mathematics

AS/A level Further Mathematics

Problem solving activities using GeoGebra

These problem solving activities are constructions that test students' understanding of connections between representations and reinforce generalisation