Maths Item of the Month Curriculum Mapping

The MEI Maths Item of the Month is a monthly problem aimed at teachers and students of GCSE/A level Mathematics. The problems can be used for enrichment, problem solving or as a way to encourage mathematical thinking/proof.

A curriculum mapping is given below. This is not intended to be comprehensive - for example many of the algebra or geometry problems can be used with GCSE or A level students. There are also a number of problems that have been categorised as Miscellaneous at the end of the list.

GCSE: Number Operations and Integers

GCSE: Fractions

GCSE: Algebra

GCSE: Geometry

AS Core: Algebra

AS Core: Coordinate Geometry

AS Core: Polynomials

AS Core: Curve Sketching

AS Core: Logarithms

AS Core: Differentiation

AS Core: Trigonometry

AS Core: Proof

A2 Core: Sequences and Series

A2 Core: Algebra

A2 Core: Functions

A2 Core: Exponentials and natural logarithms

A2 Core: Trigonometry

A2 Core: Differentiation

A2 Core: Parametric equations

AS Further Pure: Complex Numbers

AS Further Pure: Matrices

AS Further Pure: Proof by Induction

AS Further Pure: Series

A2 Further Pure: Differential Geometry

Statistics: Probability

Statistics: Permuations and combinations

Decision Maths: Graphs

Miscellaneous number problems

Miscellaneous shape problems

Miscellaneous problems