Mission and Vision Statements

MEI's charitable purposes:

  • To advance the education of the public in the field of mathematics.
  • To promote links between education and industry in mathematics.

MEI Mission

MEI exists to improve education in mathematics and to support mathematics learning in the workplace.

MEI innovates, develops and publishes teaching and learning resources, promotes inspirational teaching, and trains and motivates teachers.

MEI uses its expertise in curriculum development to influence the content of mathematics education.

MEI Vision

Make a real difference to peoples' lives by improving the quality of mathematics education and learning.

MEI Values

As an organisation we have strongly held values. These are that:

Mathematics education principles

  1. we believe that mathematics education should enable students to appreciate both the beauty and the utility of mathematics, and to enjoy learning it;

  2. we seek to promote mathematical thinking by presenting the connections within mathematics; by highlighting its applications across other areas, in a variety of contexts, and by providing resources that encourage deep mathematical learning;

  3. we support teachers' professional development by working to achieve an effective balance between subject knowledge and pedagogy, with a strong emphasis on supporting teachers to embed new ideas in their teaching and evaluate their impact;

  4. Partnerships and Respect

  5. we actively seek to work with others, including key stakeholders, to improve mathematics education;

  6. we work by influencing and persuading. We do not impose our views on anyone. We gather evidence and make a case;

  7. Equality of access

  8. we believe in equality of access. We work to achieve this in a variety of ways, including removing barriers to mathematics education;

  9. we work to ensure access to appropriate mathematics education relevant to the abilities and aspirations of all students;

  10. Quality and Innovation

  11. we strive to ensure that all aspects of our work are of the highest standard, meeting or exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders or customers; and

  12. we work in innovative ways and design innovative materials and delivery methods.