Underground Mathematics

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Resources to address the requirements of the new A level

Underground Mathematics offers new, creative resources to support and inspire teachers and students of A level Mathematics. The aim is to make studying mathematics at this level a rich and stimulating experience, enabling all students to explore the connections that underpin mathematics.

To view the Underground Mathematics resources please visit https://undergroundmathematics.org/

This free one day course focuses on using the Underground Mathematics resources to support the overarching themes in the new mathematics A level: proof, problem solving and modelling.


This course is designed to support all teachers of A level Mathematics. In order to be able to engage in all aspects of the course, participants will need to be confident with the content of AS Core Mathematics. To maximise impact and aid dissemination we encourage schools to send two teachers on this course.

Course Benefits

For the teacher

  • Familiarity with the philosophy of the Underground Mathematics project
  • Opportunity to discuss effective classroom use of the resources
  • Advance planning for the three overarching themes of the new A level

For the student

  • Tasks that make A level Mathematics a rich, coherent and stimulating experience
  • An appreciation of the connected nature of mathematics
  • Developing the skills to tackle unfamiliar problems with confidence

For the school/college

  • More engaging and relevant mathematics lessons
  • Resources that meet the requirements of the new mathematics A level
  • Bespoke departmental meeting activities for delegates to share the resources with colleagues

Course Dates



Course dates
(timings 1000-1600)

Elmhurst Primary School


9th June 2017

Harrogate Grammar School


12th June 2017

City of London Academy


21st June 2017

The World of Glass


27th June 2017

Stoke City College


4th July 2017

Wigston College


4th July 2017

The Minster School


5th July 2017

Comberton Village College


5th July 2017

National STEM Learning Centre


10th July 2017

Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School


11th July 2017

St Marylebone CE School


12th July 2017

St Paul's Catholic College

West Sussex

17th July 2017

The Maltings College


20th July 2017

Notre Dame High School


7th September 2017

The Queen Katherine School


26th September 2017

Cambourne Village College


26th September 2017

Carmel College


10th October 2017

Outwood Institute of Education Conference Centre


12th October 2017

Altrincham Grammar School for Girls


19th October 2017

Keele University


3rd November 2017

The Training & Learning Centre, Portsmouth Academy for Girls


7th November 2017

Gravesend Grammar School


16th November 2017

George Spencer Academy


20th November 2017

Harrogate Grammar


11th December 2017

Denbigh School

Milton Keynes

11th December 2017


Apply using the online application form. Please indicate your chosen venue and date using the drop-down menu on the application form.
This course, including refreshments, lunch and resources, is free of charge to A level Mathematics teachers from state-funded schools and colleges.

Underground Mathematics Regional Conferences

Teachers who have attended Underground Mathematics professional development sessions are invited to attend a free, one-day conference at the National STEM Learning Centre, York, on 12th July 2017.

If you would like further information about this conference please download the flyer or visit the Underground Mathematics website: https://undergroundmathematics.org/conference.

If you would like to attend this conference please complete this application form.

If you would like further information about the course please contact Bernard Murphy
If you are interested in hosting the course in your area, please contact Lorna Kerr.

Alternatively contact the CPD administration team