MEI Deeper Maths

MEI Deeper Maths is a new suite of resources designed to support excellent practice in the teaching of secondary maths to all students, regardless of prior attainment.

Our design approach is solidly grounded in research and informed by the extensive teaching experience of MEI’s primary and secondary maths experts. The result is these thoroughly thought-out and carefully crafted materials, which, in line with teaching for mastery approaches, support teaching for deep and sustained learning in maths.

Each set of materials focuses on a key topic in the maths curriculum – the lynchpins vital to the mathematical development of every student. Topics run through from the start of Key Stage 3 to the end of Key Stage 4 in one continuous thread, connecting ideas coherently across the years as students’ learning develops. The crucial transition into Key Stage 3 is informed by the latest Key Stage 2 pedagogies, and preparation for the transition to post-16 maths is an important consideration.

The materials are designed to develop deep learning for all students, to ensure students develop a secure basis for further study as their learning progresses.

Who is it for?

MEI Deeper Maths is a valuable aid for all teachers of secondary maths. Our intention is that, through the deeper maths approach, students will develop as mathematical thinkers, with the understanding and confidence to use maths flexibly to solve problems.

If you’re early in your career as a maths teacher, or a specialist teacher of another subject, you’ll find the materials particularly useful for supporting the development of your pedagogical practice.

If you’re already an experienced teacher of maths, the materials will introduce you to fresh ideas to enhance your teaching and provide practical resources to support these approaches.

If you’re familiar with the NCETM’s teaching for mastery approach, you’ll find our MEI Deeper Maths materials an ideal resource to help you implement it.

What's included?

Each topic includes:

  • An overarching commentary based on the underpinning research
  • Mapped sequences of lessons for each unit
  • Lesson plans exploring the maths and pedagogic approaches
  • 'Hands on' manipulative resources to make and use with your students
  • Printable study packs for students

How can I access the resources

The first MEI Deeper Maths materials to be released are:

  • Angles
  • Trigonometry

The first set of resources are now live and can be purchased on our Podia site.

To contact the developers, please email [email protected].