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AMSP update: September 2022

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The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) has a range of support planned for maths teachers and students over the 2022/23 academic year, including professional development courses and student enrichment events. Many of these opportunities are available free of charge to teachers working in state-funded schools and colleges in England. You can view the AMSP’s full events offering on their events page, or read on to get a taste of what’s on offer. 

Applications are closing next week for the AMSP’s popular Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM) course. There are spaces available to book in various locations, including Birmingham, Manchester, and York. If you or any of your colleagues have recently started teaching A level Mathematics, or will be teaching it for the first time this year, this course will provide ideal support. Spread over the whole academic year, TAM gives you the opportunity to work as part of a small group with a dedicated course tutor. The course tutor will also visit your school or college to provide developmental feedback on an observed lesson. 

If you teach GCSE Mathematics and you’d like to improve your teaching and the skills of your students, you can now apply for the AMSP’s 2022 suite of Raising Confidencecourses. There are four one-day Raising Confidence courses to choose from – Higher Mathematics, Problem Solving, Technology, and Thinking Mathematically – and they’ll take place in various locations over October and November 2022. 

The AMSP’s Next Steps for Your A level Students Online course is now open for bookings and will take place over two sessions in October 2022. The online course will support your understanding of how you can best assist your students with the transition to undergraduate study, and how you can prepare them for the mathematical expectations of university admissions tests. 

If you teach Core Maths, you can now register for the first round of the AMSP’s Core Maths Specification Networks for 2022/23 that will take place in October. The AMSP are running several rounds of their Core Maths Specification Networks over the 2022/23 academic year, with separate groups running for all Core Maths syllabuses (AQA 2A, AQA 2B, AQA 2C, Edexcel, and OCR). The networks will enable you to discuss and share your experiences with Core Maths, and develop your teaching practice with teachers who are following the same specification as you. 

There are also lots of opportunities for students coming up. For Year 12 and 13 students, there’s the Setting Out In Problem Solving (SOIPS) online sessions that are taking place at the end of September. They aim to increase your students’ problem-solving skills, which are essential for success in A level Mathematics, and will introduce problem-solving techniques with examples for students to attempt. The AMSP are running SOIPS sessions on three consecutive nights and, once you’ve registered for the September sessions, your students can join whichever session is the most convenient for them. 

The AMSP’s popular range of online enrichment events for students in Years 7-11 are back for 2022/23. Choose from Space!, which looks at challenges faced in space travel; Maths is everywhere, where students will find out how and why maths is used in so many other subjects; and Which Career? – Meet people working in different roles, where three guests will talk about their career journeys and how maths is used in the work they do. 

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