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Institution of Engineering and Technology resources (2017-18)

With funding from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), MEI produced a suite of resources to enrich mathematics education at Key Stages 4 and 5, with an emphasis on applications of mathematics in engineering.


The IET aims to encourage young people to consider careers in engineering. Its strategy is to engage with teachers through CPD and free teaching and learning resources, thereby gaining exposure with students. The IET had already developed a substantial set of teaching and learning resources – the Faraday resources. These had been well-used by science and design & technology teachers, and the IET wished to augment them with materials that would increase their use by maths teachers.


The IET commissioned MEI to propose a project within an agreed budget to develop new resources with particular relevance to the maths curricula.


MEI proposed and then developed three different sets of resources: a series of twenty Key Stage 4 ‘starter’ problems with engineering contexts; an app game for exploring Key Stage 4 graph-related concepts; and five videos demonstrating A and AS level mechanics practical experiments. These were designed with the aim of supporting changes in the content and emphases of the new GCSE and A level Mathematics curricula.


The three new resources were completed at different times. In the year following the launch of the starter activities they were viewed over 2500 times. In the three months following the launch of the videos they were played over 500 times. Since the launch of the app it had over 5000 downloads.