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Teaching Advanced Mathematics professional development (2003 – ongoing)

The Teaching Advanced Mathematics (TAM) programme aims to support teachers of GCSE Mathematics who wish to teach A level Mathematics for the first time. Through the programme, teachers develop a deep knowledge of A level Mathematics alongside maths-specific pedagogical skills. Face-to-face days are combined with in-class observations and feedback, and extensive use is made of online technology.


For many years there has been a serious shortage of mathematics teachers able to teach A level Mathematics effectively. MEI sought to find ways to address this.


In 2003, MEI was successful in obtaining funding from the Gatsby Charitable Foundation to design and pilot a professional learning programme to develop existing secondary school and college teachers into highly-skilled and confident A level Mathematics teachers.


The programme was designed in partnership with universities, and provided opportunities for Masters level accreditation.


Following several successful years working with four universities, since 2011 TAM has been funded by the government. By 2021 over 2000 teachers had completed the programme. Here are some of the things teachers have said about it:

“TAM has developed everything about my teaching. The ideas shared, the confidence I have gained, the resources available to me, have all made me a more rounded teacher.”

“I have been able to inspire other members within the mathematics department to deliver more active mathematics lessons at KS5.”

“TAM raises aspirations of both staff and students. It adds value and has undoubtedly brought about an increase in attainment and progress for our 2017 cohort who achieved a positive progress 8 score in Maths.”