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Christmas Special: Live at the MEI Conference

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Hello and welcome to Digging for the why – the podcast for maths teachers and maths enthusiasts where we discuss the need to ask why. 

In this special episode, recorded live at the MEI conference in June 2023, we get the opportunity to ask questions to the key people involved in designing the new maths curriculum for KS1-4 for the Oak National Academy.

Andy hosts the episode and is joined by the following guests on stage:

  • Charlie Stripp – CEO of MEI
  • Ed Southall – Maths lead for the Oak National Academy
  • Alison Hopper – Primary lead for the Oak National Academy (and usual co-host for DFTW!)
  • Vicky Wheelhouse – Secondary lead for the Oak National Academy

This was a 45 minute Q&A about the planned Oak curriculum for maths where teachers and other audience members go the chance to ask questions of the panel.


During the episode, we ask the questions:

  • Why choose MEI?
  • How will Oak address the various transitions across KS1-4?
  • As a student, will I feel ‘Oak fatigue’?
  • How does this project differ from other ‘bought in’ curriculums?
  • How do the Oak resources empower teachers rather than deskill them?
  • How are the resources created and how can teachers adapt them?
  • Is accessibility considered for these resources?
  • Are there any resources for SEND? If not, are they planned for the future?


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