Advanced Mathematics Support Programme launch

On Thursday 28 June 2018, MEI's Chief Executive, Charlie Stripp; Kevin Lord, AMSP Programme Leader; and Stella Dudzic, Curriculum Programme Leader, delivered a plenary session launching the new Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) live from the MEI Conference 2018.

A recording of this plenary can be viewed below.

The new 'Advanced Mathematics Support Programme'

Confidence with the use of maths and statistics has never been more important, but England lags behind other developed countries in participation in maths education post-16. What can we do to raise post-16 maths participation and ensure our population has the maths skills it needs for success? Successive governments have recognised post-16 maths as a priority and have put in place initiatives to support it. This plenary presentation will review these initiatives, and explain how MEI, through the new 'Advanced Mathematics Support Programme', plans to support the expansion of participation in post-16 maths in ways that can enhance maths education for all.