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Become a Core Maths Specialist Lead


Core Maths Specialist Leads help the AMSP to increase participation in Core Maths by working with schools and/or colleges to set up the course in their institutions, and by providing support and advice for teaching the course and for promoting it to students.

Core Maths is a relatively new qualification, but entries are growing rapidly, with over 12,000 entries and close to 700 state-funded schools and colleges with students studying the course in 2020-21. Core Maths is intended for students who have passed GCSE Mathematics at grade 4 or better. It helps to develop students’ quantitative and problem-solving skills, supporting their learning in other subjects and providing valuable preparation for the quantitative skills they will need for further study and employment.

The Core Maths Specialist Lead programme will be starting its second year in September 2023 and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) is seeking to appoint a second cohort of Core Maths Specialist Leads. The role currently amounts to fifteen days’ worth of time in each year, which consists of attending events, working on classroom knowledge and practice, and working with local schools and/or colleges to enhance their Core Maths provision. During the first year, there is an emphasis on training and support to prepare for working with other institutions.

What will participation in the programme involve?

Year 1

During the first year (2023-24), there is an emphasis on training and support for the Core Maths Specialist Lead and developing the practice of their own or linked institution before moving onto supporting others.

The training for this role will be completed during the first year; however, it is anticipated that funding will be available beyond this to provide additional training and work in schools and colleges (an outline of Year 2 is included below).

The role will amount to 15 days’ worth of time over the year and the institution will receive £5600 to release the Core Maths Specialist Lead (if they are school based). Travel costs will be claimable and £350 is included to facilitate Senior Leadership attendance at session one.

The role will include the following activities and tasks:

  • 4 days attending central events (dates and locations to be confirmed, some will be face- to-face and some online). Please note: the head teacher, or their representative from the senior leadership team of the Core Maths Specialist Leads own or linked institution, will also be required to attend the launch event on the first day of central training. Funding for this is included.
  • 4 days personal and departmental development, which might include:
    • working on their own classroom knowledge and practice.
    • working with Core Maths resources from the Core Maths Platform.
    • embedding a Core Maths ethos into a departmental approach.
  • 7 days working with local schools and/or colleges to enhance their Core Maths provision.

Year 2

In the academic year 2024-25, it is anticipated that this work will also amount to 15 days, payable at the same rate of £350 per day. This will include the following activities and tasks (subject to funding):

  • 1 day attending central training.
  • 3 days (equivalent) attending PD Lead training.
  • 11 days (or 14 if already an accredited PD Lead) working with local schools and/or colleges to enhance their Core Maths provision. This support could include:
    • running network meetings locally.
    • advising a school wishing to introduce Core Maths.
    • delivering PD to teachers delivering the qualification for the first time.
    • supporting the department with curriculum planning.

PD Lead accreditation is a funded part of the programme and will be delivered by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM).

Deadline for applications

5pm, 21st April 2023

Start date

Training will commence in the Autumn term of 2023-24.


Please contact [email protected]

What are the benefits of participating in the programme?

  • The department will develop their Core Maths provision, informed by working with some of the leading Core Maths experts in England.
  • The acquisition of enhanced maths subject knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and access to resources which support the delivery of Core Maths.
  • The Core Maths Specialist Lead will develop their own understanding and practice in supporting collaborative professional development within and beyond their own school or college
  • Better outcomes for students and increased uptake of Core Maths.

Who can apply?

Anyone who feels they meet the criteria outlined below; this should be addressed in the applicant’s statement and in the senior leader’s supporting statement.

If not currently school or college based, please supply the details of a senior leader of the establishment where you have taught Core Maths.


  • Experience of teaching Core Maths.
  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) or Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills Status (QTLS).
  • Good teaching skills in maths as evidenced by internal/external/Ofsted observation.
  • A minimum of 2 years’ teaching experience.
  • Successful track record of working effectively with other professionals within own school.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • An understanding of what constitutes effective learning in maths, and the ability and confidence to communicate this.
  • Passion and enthusiasm for Core Maths.


  • Additional status, e.g. Lead Practitioner; NCETM Accredited PD Lead.
  • Currently teaching Core Maths.
  • Maths subject leader or responsibility within a maths department.
  • Employed as a teacher in a state-funded institution.
  • Successful track record of working effectively with other professionals across a group of schools.

What are the expectations of participants who are currently based in school and their schools/colleges?

Teachers that are selected to participate in the programme (and the schools/colleges to which they belong) would commit to the following expectations:

  • The Core Maths Specialist Lead will participate fully in the development programme and work on developing both their understanding and practice.
  • Will work with the support of leaders within their own institution, the Core Maths Specialist Lead will support their department in developing its approaches to Core Maths.
  • The school/college’s senior leadership will support the specialist in their work developing Core Maths, including ensuring the Core Maths Specialist Lead receives the required release time, and will also attend the launch day at the start of the programme.

What is the funding for the programme?

In each year, the AMSP will cover the cost of the 15 days’ release time for the Core Maths Specialist Lead at a rate of £350 per day. As we anticipate senior leadership attending the first training session, this will also be funded at £350. Travel costs to all the training events and local travel to support other institutions will also be claimable.

It is anticipated that there will be additional days available in academic year 2024/25 although this is currently subject to funding.

How do interested teachers apply?

The online application form is available below.

Supporting statement requests will be sent directly to senior leaders named in the application.

Interviews will be conducted online for shortlisted candidates with training commencing in the Autumn term of 2023-24.


We value the privacy of your personal data. Please view our full Privacy Notice.

The application process for this role has closed.

If you have any queries, please contact [email protected].